[ software ]


  • CAT: C++14 functional library
         Homepage: http://cat.github.io  

  • PFQ: Linux Kernel Module for Packet Capture on Multi-core Architectures
Homepage: http://www.pfq.io   

  • YATS
Yet Another Test Suite for C++11 (for runtime and compile-time tests)https://github.com/awgn/yats

  • ass 
An interactive C++11-14 code assistant written in Haskellhttps://github.com/awgn/ass

  • dwatch
A minimalist, C++11 watch replacement: https://github.com/awgn/dwatch

  • cgrep
Advanced grep for C/C++ source code: http://awgn.github.io/cgrep/

  • vscull!
Yet another loopback-V4L device driver: https://github.com/awgn/vscull

  • qrt::thread++
Quasi-realtime threads on the top of STL, std::threads and co-routines: https://code.google.com/p/qrt-threads/

  • ifshow 
A next-generation tool to display the status of network interfaces: https://github.com/awgn/ifshow 

  • stub
Virtual network-device driver: https://github.com/awgn/stub 

  • np_mon 
np_mon network-device driver for Intel IXP2400: https://github.com/awgn/np_mon

  • brute
High performance traffic generator: https://code.google.com/p/brute/

    • lame-p
    Anti-ptrace() library proof-of-concept: http://www.antifork.org/trac/browser/trunk/lame-p/

    • apg

    • aping

    • hs

    • npd

    • thash